July 31, 2009

It's July, Now What?

So it's the end of July and I still have not decided what to do. My life has been crazy and turned upside down since I last blogged. Just a summary:
  • Our beloved church family ended on February 15, due to a lack of numerical growth, thus a lack of money.
  • We had to start the very emotional process of finding a new church family.
  • By God's grace and by March, we found one!
  • However, it was in Vallejo, another city, another county, an hour away.
  • We believe that you should live in the community where you also attend church- don't know if I can support this one Biblically, so let's just call it a personal preference that we feel strongly about.
  • In fact, we feel strongly enough about living in your church's community, that by May we decided to uproot ourselves and move.
  • So, right now, in this bizarre economic market, we find ourselves house-hunting on a regular basis. Driving to Vallejo at least four times a week which is a minimum of eight hours drive time weekly!
  • Then, we started school in July so we wouldn't get behind when we moved.
  • Thus, I have even less time to blog now than I did then, but...

I'm not entirely prepared to let it go, I really enjoy writing and having this little creative spot, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I am not ready to let go yet, so maybe what I'm telling all few of my faithful followers is- I'm back!