January 14, 2009

Why I'm Not Blogging Today

  • I got behind in my memory work and needed to spend the time catching up
  • I needed to spend a lot of time working with Matthew who just was not getting "it"
  • I was having a lot of fun subscribing to podcasts for my new iPod
  • I haven't cleaned my bedroom or bathroom for I don't know how long
  • I need to make cookies and read to my kids
  • Honestly, I need to be a wife and homeschooling mom and I am not getting up any earlier just to fill this need to blog.

So, I've gotten a bit unbalanced and I'm not really even ahead enough with posting to make it look like I'm here when I'm not, so the honest truth is I can't do it all and right now I have to do other things. I'd like to be back soon, so you could ask God to grant me the grace to do what I need to and also be able to come back here.

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