January 6, 2009

Puddle Jumping

I did decide to take an extra week of school off. Maybe because I haven't been between worlds long enough, been painting walls too long, and maybe because I could and I wanted to see grins of delight on the kids' faces- it was almost like I'd announced a trip to Disneyland. Not quite, but almost. And now, I can get to sharing about devotions or quiet times.
I'd been re-reading some old notes of mine and noticed some scribblings, "Devotion- devoted to God." Unfortunately, I hadn't noted where I'd found that particular bit of wisdom, a failing of lots of my notes, so I looked it up in the dictionary. I was delighted and surprised to read the different definitions, so many of which really describe the seriousness yet eagerness that a life devoted to God should portray. Please note, all I am doing is sharing how I am spending my morning moments with God. I am not saying, "This is the way, do what I do." Rather, I love spending time with God; I even collect devotional plans and have a huge file in addition to books about quiet times. Then, I love talking about God, how He works in my life, how I love to worship Him, and how that changes in my life from time to time.
I've read through my Bible several times since I was a teen. Usually I do it in a year. I've also done other things but for the last several years I've read through the Bible. In 2008 I used The Literary Study Bible and I really did enjoy it; especially since Hannah was also reading it and we could discuss the Rykens' commentary. But come fall I was bored. I also struggle with reading the Bible in several different portions- I was reading four different chapters each day- I like to start in Genesis and read straight through, just my preference. So I finally purchased How to Enjoy Your Bible by John Blanchard. And while it does deserve a review, that will have to wait. Suffice it to say, Blanchard writes, "...there are others who have followed one method of Bible study for so long that the whole exercise has dengenerated from the methodical to the mechanical, and now has no sense of adventure, progress or achievement...these are tragic situations because the Bible is not only wonderfully rich in the variety of its content, it also lends itself to many different methods of reading and study." (128). I had become rote in my Bible reading and it showed. It was time for a drastic change.

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