November 21, 2008

Five Favorites for a Friday

  1. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, less than a week, and Simple Pleasures just tickled my soul. It's the equivalent of an adult Thanksgiving tree. What is most beautiful about it are the comments- take time to peruse the gracious and humble thoughts of the simple pleasures in life.
  2. As four-fifths of our family is involved in Facebook, Thinking Biblically About Facebook, caught my eye and I appreciated what I read. Good food for thought! I also didn't realize FB was practically next door to us- do I feel a field trip coming on or what? It was also my first visit to Buzzard Blog and I think I might have to return. HT: Justin Taylor
  3. I also loved Janelle Bradshaw's "Jelly Toast" story. Her humility and her perseverance caught at my soul, simultaneously encouraging and exhorting me in my own parenting. But that's why Girl Talk is on my top ten!
  4. Have you ever made the comment "I'm so busy," in response to the generic "How ya' doin' "? Then C.J. Mahaney's series on busyness is for you. I think I will get back to this one eventually because busyness is a personal pet peeve for me.
  5. And the last is actually a whole blog site that caught my eye, Making Home. I noticed that it made the blog roll for Titus2Talk and decided to quickly peruse it. I suggest giving it a quick gander.

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