November 27, 2008

Thank You

Thank You, my precious Holy Father,

for this beautiful life. For choosing me before the world began and setting in place a plan to make me your forever daughter and heir. Thank You, my Savior, for perfectly living the life I can't, for facing the same trials and sorrows and joys and pleasures and for never once giving into sin like I do. Holy Spirit, You've washed me with regeneration and You open my eyes to the Glory of God; You guide me, convict me, comfort me, all the while sealing me.

Not only all this, which is so much more then I deserve, for all I deserve is Your wrath and eternal white hot burning fire and damnation, forever separated from You, but then You have given me life abundant:

tears and laughter, both gut-wrenching

sorrow and joy, over sin, over weaknesses, over triumph and victory

days when adrenaline and caffeine run through my veins- I can do it all

nights when sleeps flees, tears are my only companion, dripping onto Your Word as I realize I can't do anything without You

a husband who has covenanted in companionship with me, a lover and friend, faithful father, a true noble man, one of God's primary means of conforming me to the image of Christ

three precious children, beautiful in form, growing in character, full of the newness and awe of life, three more means of sanctification

America- God bless her!

Obama- God bless him and use him to grow us

Philadelphia, city of brotherly love and you welcomed us, plus cheesesteaks come from there

New York City, only 24 hours there, but what a memory of family laughter

Sebastopol, more like Sodom but still where God has me and mine and this place keeps me on my knees

Sonoma County, the vineyards are glorious reflections of God's beauty, I gasp in awe

oceans that thunder under our boogie boards

snow and rain, fog and drizzle

blazing bright sun

hot chocolate, whip cream and marshmallows

the morning smell of coffee

garlic roasting

my mother who is my biggest fan, my step-father who I'm learning to honor, my earthly dad long gone to his heavenly home, waiting while a place is prepared for me

books, books, and more books

the freedom to homeschool

mornings I don't have to hop out of bed at five a.m. and I get to linger amidst sweet husband and cats and dog

mornings I hop out of bed at five a.m. and have such quiet, peaceful times with my Savior, interceding for those still asleep

cold morning walks

hot afternoon swims

life...joyous, pain-filled, heart-wrenching, exhausting, exhilarating, temporary journey for now, eternal kingdom forever

Thank You, God

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