December 27, 2008

The World Between Worlds

I always think the time after Christmas is the world between worlds. You know, from The Magician's Nephew and the woods with the puddles where Digory and Polly land between our world and Narnia. These days always remind me of that because it is so quiet. The parties and preparation are over and a year is ending. This is actually when I do a lot of spring cleaning as we take down the tree, rearrange the furniture, organize all my new presents.

I really love this time of year. It is quiet, peaceful, contemplative. I'm always tempted to postpone the start of school, too, make vacation last a little longer. Isn't that the teacher's perogative? Just today I puttered around the house putting away Christmas dishes, washing linens, redecorating the blog, adding a new widget (thank you, Anna), visiting friends, making turkey soup for dinner tomorrow and coffee cake for our church's after-Christmas brunch. I really like to putter; it's soothing to my soul. I also like to prepare- sometimes more than I like the doing.

One way we prepare for the New Year is to give calendars and new devotional reading plans to everyone in the family. Sometimes we give the calendars on Christmas, like this year, and sometimes on New Year's. And sometimes we also give new devotional Bibles on New Year's. So, as I am in between worlds, I will be posting my 2009 Devotional Reading schedule and sharing what our kids will be doing over the next week. If you're in between worlds or considering new Quiet Time options, come jump in the puddles with me.

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Hopefull said...

Im at work today, but I had to take a break and read this again. Great word pictures - this time of year is a little gift isn't it.