December 9, 2008

The Christmas Bookshelf

from Anna at Joy in Every Step "For the last few Christmas' we have gone through The Advent Jesse Tree by Dean Meador Lambert. We have a tree and set of ornaments that go along with the devotions in this book. I will be sharing more about it on my blog next week." Please do go meet Anna and her three adorable little girls. She was my inspiration for getting back into blogging and for favorite Christmas things.

This is the book that I am reading to the kids in the afternoons. I love it! The kids love it! Honestly, it could be read at any time of year because it is an analogy of salvation, wonderful gospel reading, and yet there is something special about reading it now. Starr Meade does a tremendous job of ending chapters with cliffhangers and so we are always left hungering for the next episode. This is not an advent book, but it certainly leads to the Christ of Christmas. As for ages, as an adult I am really enjoying trying to understand the analogy, my teens, 16 and 14 in a few weeks, are also eager to have it read and do not find it too simple, my very young 10 year old son is entranced and I think the story might be helping him understand the gospel. I do not think it is a book for much younger than eight years. But, it's a good read, so add it to the collection, read it, and decide for yourself.

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