December 1, 2008

Monday's Moody Musings

December 1st and I am not ready. Not decorated, not a single present bought, my new advent book has not arrived and honestly, I am not in the mood. I told a friend my eyes are like dams with the floodgates about to break. I am very much in the mood for Christ's birth, for a month of delighting in the idea that Christ lovingly became flesh and blood to live the life I couldn't. I'm just not in the mood for Christmas. I couldn't tell you why. Yes, I've been dealing with pervasive sorrow, maybe that's it. We're also doing some minor remodeling- removing a fireplace, replacing a wall, new paint, new carpet, new woodstove. So where is the Christmas tree supposed to go? And all the decorations are going to be covered up with plastic. Is it any wonder I'm not in the mood.? But the thing is, I do have three children and they are in the mood. They are so eagerly anticipating Christmas. And I want them to anticipate. I want them to have eyes of wonder. Thus my challenge is to start getting ready and to start thinking creatively of the things I can do amidst the rubble. I did pose the idea of individual, miniature trees and got booed for that. And it's ok that I'm not keeping up with the Joneses, because we are the Moody's and God knows what He wants this season to be like for us. I just need to be faithful each day to obey and teach my kiddos the wonder of the season that is God.

My friend, Anna, at Joy in Every Step had a wonderful post about Christmas music and it was so delightful responding to her request for favorite Christmas albums. Being an avid reader, I thought I would ask for favorite books of the season. So, I'll start it off with a couple of my favorites and then I would love to get suggestions from all of you who stop by!

Several years ago, my mom purchased three different copies of Joe Wheeler's Christmas in My Heart. Each year we were to read our copy and then mail it the next year along with the Christmas presents. It was such a delight to read my sister's comments and see the tear stains for these are sentimentality at it's best.
Another beauty is The Advent Book. This one features a fantastical door that you get to open like a pop-up book; behind the door is a bit of the Advent story. The year we used this one, we just repeated all the prior bits of the story every night and by Christmas Eve the kids had it memorized. This is a very sturdy book and will last through the grandchildren! We love exploring the intricately decorated doors.
So what will you be reading this Christmas?


Anna at Joy In Every Step said...

Hi Molly!

First I want to tell you that I have been enjoying following your blog! I am sorry that I have not made it over much to comment much. Things have been busy around here.

At first I was thinking that I do not read any Christmas books, but I guess that the book that we read with our children ever day leading up to Christmas would count. For the last few Christmas' we have gone through "The Advent Jesse Tree" by Dean Meador Lambert. We have a tree and set of ornaments that go along with the devotions in this book. I will be sharing more abut it on my blog next week.

I will be looking for "Christmas In My Heart" it sounds like a wonderful read. I have read about your advent book before and I am thinking that it sounds like it would be something to alternate with our Jesse Tree. Thanks for sharing!

Hopefull said...

Hi molly! A Bethlehem Christmas by Chuck Swindoll. We love it! Its such an insightful re-telling of the most important story ever! love you!