December 3, 2008

Getting in the Mood

Yesterday I had everybody open the assignment binders and I slashed away at all the assignments! It was one of the first steps toward "getting in the mood" for Christmas.

The very first step was to start off the season reading chapter five of Knowing God by J.I. Packer. Why chapter five? Because it is "God Incarnate" and just the kind of soul food I needed. This chapter helps me "see and savor" (Piperism) the Savior of the Season.

My goal? To finish school by noonish on Tuesday and Wednesday and to have Christmas school (translate crafts, goodies, and movies) on Friday. So today school was done, I made hot chocolate, exploded it with whip cream, popped corn, and we sat down to read Keeping Holiday by Starr Meade. We made it through chapter one and I had to finish making the rolls for dinner. Imagine my pleasure at Malcolm's displeasure that we weren't reading another chapter! Rolls rising, we started chapter two!

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