December 22, 2008

The Promise of Spring

I came home from my walk the other day and started some weed-pulling and little bits of clean-up. I looked at my lilac and just saw the dying leaves and sticks. I was so discouraged. This is my second lilac and the first one I ended up killing. I get a little bit nervous about spending all that money only to lose it. But it was my "First Day of Spring" present and so I thought I would at least pull off all the unsightly leaves. Imagine my delight when I got close....
...the promise of new life. And what a sweet picture the Master Gardener and Creator of Gardens had just given me. My life looks like a winter garden- shriveled leaves barely hanging on, sticks poking up from hard ground, old debris littering the ground- but there is a promise of something beautiful to come. It might be just a tight little green bud right now, but it is going to cling steadfastly to its branch during all the rain and frost, the wind and cold, and then come spring when it feels the Son smile brightly upon it, that little bud is going to burst forth into a big, fat, fluffy, lilac sending its sweet fragrance forth like a song praising its Maker. So come on blustery winter, for I have the promise of eternal spring!

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